Sunday, April 11, 2010

They are all sent out.....

our invitations that is!  I am so happy to say that we have officially sent off all the wedding invitations!
Here they are....the rsvp, invite, and reception card!

a close up of our Encore celebration 
our RSVP cards....
and the invite...however the picture is not 100%!

The new fun part of my life has been stalking the mailman.  Yesterday I saw him walking down the street....and just asked if we had any goodies!  He claims many aqua envelopes!!!  YES!! That is right, our RSVP cards are starting to roll in!!!  We actually got our first one on Friday night and about 10 on Saturday.
opening the 1st RSVP
It is now starting to feel real to me.  I mean you know planning is fun, but seeing the cards come back with messages and such is real.  Then I had my final dress fitting!!!   Mom, Abby, Brian and the kids were there.  I loved that they got to see me in my dress.  I love it more and more every time I put it on!  I secretly didn't want to take it off this last time!!!  I think Chris may have a hard time getting me out of it on our wedding night...I love it so much.  This is all becoming a reality and I am loving every second of it.  Chris is even starting to see that the day is near!  Only 76 more days!!!

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jmac said...

Your invitations are great! I love that your mom is able to be here so often...especially loved the pics of the rock selection!!!