Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Birthday Armenta!! 
It seems like every weekend I have more things to do....whether it be for school, tennis, or the wedding!  This weekend was busy from the get go.  Friday night was a good school friends surprise birthday party.  Her sweet daughter spent over a month planning it out just so.  She was SHOCKED to say the least when she walked in.  After her party my best good friends and I went to dinner too...

Me, Alison, and Julie

Saturday morning was spent playing tennis in the am.  Our matches had to be moved to accommodate indoor courts thanks to the rain.  After tennis I hung out with my favorite tennis people...we had brunch per usual then did some quick shopping.  Oh and let me tell you we are crazy shoppers together.  I think it is probably a good thing we don't do that more.  We should stick to tennis and food...that is what we do best! After tennis I was hosting a Mary Kay party.  One of my sweet parents at school does Mary Kay and well she knows me.  I mean heck she looks at me everyday and probably wonders why I don't do something with my self.  I am not a make up case you didn't know.  However I wanted to get better you know, be better to my self as far as taking care of my skin and such.

My favorite people came to the party, two of my bridesmaids and one of my best friends.  We had a blast...eating Rosa's party platter and looking beautiful.  I think we all really enjoy the party, we will meet again in 2 weeks to do more make up goodies.   I can't wait...I want to look amazing on my wedding day.  I bought some great skin care to help!  The rest of the night was just chill'n and relaxing.

On Sunday, MY AMAZING FIANCÉ, had planned our whole day.  He booked us a nice relaxing couples massage.  I have been wanting one for some time now.  I swear it was wonderful...I felt so relaxed and ready to fight the world after it.  Then we enjoy a nice afternoon shopping extravaganza to our favorite store, TARGET.  To top it off we hit dinner and a movie at the 7th Street Movie Tavern (my favorite movie place every).  We saw "Death at a Funeral" and laughed out butts is a must see!  Although it was another busy was a fabulous one.  I love spending time with friends; and really loved Chris' and I's Sunday.  Now I can tackle this crazy week all relaxed and stress free.  Chris' your the best ever, I really am lucky to have you. I love you more than anything!

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