Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More wedding goodies!

Oh happy day, oh happy dayyyy!  I got more wedding goodies at the door!  What was it?  Well it was not exactly stuff for the actual wedding, but for me.  I went on line and finally after much "talk" bought some beach wear.  I got it in!

In this box we have 3 different swim suits, some cute linen pants, linen shorts, a lounging around get up, and some yoga pants.  After trying everything on, I love 2 out of 3 suites.  I love the pants and shorts, however the white is way to see through for me...so a new color! Well yoga pants how can you go wrong there?  All of which I got on-line at Victoria Secret.  I need to keep looking for about 2 or 3 more suits, but other than that I am ready to ROCK IT on the beach! 

On top of my on-line buys I also hit up some local shops here.  Thanks to some great friends and a wonderful fiancé who helped me shop, because I HATE TO! I am now up to about 6 super cute dresses, three pair of shoes, accessories, and more!  I think for 2 weeks on the beach that should work.  I also found a cute dress for our couples shower that Chris' good friends are hosting this weekend.  I still need to find a really beautiful dress for our Encore Celebration back home!  All in all.....for someone who hates to shop I am doing pretty good.  Normally I am a last minute shopper! Not this time ROCK ON !!!

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Abby said...

why not wear your wedding dress?