Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Wonderful Couples Shower!!!

On Saturday our very sweet friends Dylan and Jessica hosted a couples shower for us.  This was Chris and I's first wedding event!  Chris felt a little nervous at first; you know he is realizing that soon he will be married!!! The shower was so perfect. Jessica went way above and beyond.  She had everything decorated in our wedding colors.  We loved every second of the night.  We got to hang out with our great friends, had amazing weather, super food, and many laughs.  Thank you Dylan and Jessica for a fantastic shower!!!  You guys are the best.  Thank you to all our friends and family who spent the night with us.  We really could not have better people in our lives...

Here are some of the pics from the grand event!!!


Kara said...

Fun! Hope you got some good loot!

Donna said...

Hello from TxBloggingGals! I just spent the last month getting our daughter married...Hahaa...I don't think I'll Ever catch up on rest!
Congratulations on Your upcoming wedding!!