Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our Easter Fun

This year Chris and I did our "own" Easter!  It really wasn't planned that way, but we had a super time.  Since earlier in the year we got the massive snow storm....that created a snow make up day.  Thus my Good Friday was now a working Friday. Since my long Easter weekend was no longer...Chris and I decided to do Easter here on our own.  I will say the sad thing about doing it with just he and I is...NO EGG HUNTING!

However, regardless we had a blast! We began our day with church of course.  The holiday services are mostly traditional ones. Therefore, we also received a bit of a different style of church since we normally go to the contemporary.  It was a very nice change with the full choir and orchestra.
After a wonderful service we took off for brunch at Blue Mesa.  The food was too was hard to stay on that wedding diet there.  Chris had been wanting to eat brunch the past couple of weeks, so he finally got his fix in.  From brunch we were off to change clothes and head to the tees.  Yes, Chris wanted to do some golfing.  I of course am in no way a golfer...but I am a great cart driver.  Since we were to have really nice weather I loved the idea of hanging on the golf course with Chris.  (Did you catch the WERE TO HAVE!)  As we approached the course...small drizzles began to hit the car.  Nice job weather men, that wonderful SUNNY EASTER DAY no where near it!  It was overcast and WINDY!  I do realize that they can not get the weather right every day, but don't predict SUNNY on an OVERCAST day! That's all!

Luckily I could see the sky was no where near clearing when we left, so I packed a blanket to keep me warm.  It was a nice added extra for the cart driver.  Chris and I had a blast golfing together.  I mean really it was some super quality time.
See those sunny skies!!!
What a nice looking golfer....
I really liked this pic...with the water and hole...oh did I mention I enjoyed using my camera?

I really enjoyed hanging out with Chris as he played a sport he enjoys.  I mean Chris is a super support of my tennis!!!  He has attended more matches that I would ever ask of him.  I also love it when he comes to support me.  Therefore it was nice that I got to partake in something Chris enjoys.  The course was not to busy so don't get me wrong...I took a few swings here and there.  However, let me tell you what! Tennis and golf no where near the same....I will stick to tennis folks.

Please note how I look as I finish my swing...
...and this is how Chris finishes out! They look a little different!

But...I had a super hit! 

Once we finished up golf we hit up the local nursery for some flowers.  I who come from a place that receives snow even on Easter some years....doesn't believe in planting flowers prior to Easter!  (I think the past 4 Easters in Amarillo have been bitter cold and even snowy!!!)  I am very happy to actually be planting flowers at my home and not apartment!  We had a nice time planting our flowers and letting Winston enjoy the outdoors.  Winston loves yard work as much as Chris does.  

I think we had a pretty perfect Easter even if the sun only came out for about an hour!  I love that Chris and I really got to enjoy good quality time together as well.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.


Abby said...

We missed you Auntie. We figured it out, the first time Em has ever hunted outside in A-town. The weather was beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

What golf course is that?