Thursday, April 01, 2010

Boxes...I love them at the door!

Today when I came home there was a wonderful gift! A BOX!!  Normally Chris is the one getting all the goodies at the door, or Winston, Ha...but now that the wedding is only 86 days away...majority of the goodies are for me.  YES!!!

Here is the box that I had waiting for me!  Not to large...

Chris even read the return address.  He said, "You got some kind of samples today."  I of course had no idea what samples I would be getting.  I shook the box and knew exactly what it was!  This box contained my last needed item for the tables at the ceremony.  I am so stinking excited!

Oh yes I know you would like to know what it has in it, but I will only give you a small peek!  I would hate for all the guest to know before the BIG DAY!  Let's just say it is one of a kind!

Tomorrow I hope to receive 2 boxes...Yes, one with my long awaited swim suits....I can't wait!

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