Monday, March 29, 2010

Happiness, Cuteness, and Sadness all in my house!

This one is just because I am hardly ever in any with our pup!!!

Today Little Winston and I took an wonderful walk.  We headed out and ended up walking for about an hour to hour and half.  He loved it, as did I!  I am trying everything to get more working out and less sitting on my butt!! (minus time to blog and grade papers, HA)  Therefore you can imagine how happy this sweet cute little face was when we got home.  

He got even happier when Chris rolled in from work.   Monday are his late nights so Winston and I kind of do our thing till he gets home.  Winston LOVES Chris and goes crazy when he gets home.  After Chris took off his work clothes he began checking the mail.  Another thing I leave up to Chris in our house.  Okay technically it is not MY HOUSE, thus Chris' house...and now "our" house.  Therefore I don't feel as though checking the mail is really my place.  He was sifting through things reading out loud what all they were.  When he PAUSED!!!!  Got this little boy in a candy store look on his face; and opened up a piece of mail.  It was his STARBUCKS GOLD LEVEL REWARD CARD!!! You know this right here is ONE of the many reasons why I love Chris!

He loves a good deal, finding something really cheap, getting all the rewards, and such.  Therefore to have finally reach such a level at Starbucks is like a GOLD MEDAL to him.  I didn't realize until about 2 months ago that such a thing exsisted.  Chris' father always sends us some goodies, one being Starbucks gift cards.  Well somewhere along the line Chris realized that by registering them online and then using them added points.  So I would like all to know that I too am half owner of this GOLD card, due to the fact that he registers all my cards under his name.  Well from these wonderful gifts he has recieved another gift...THE GOLD CARD (are you all laughing yet...because I think this is crazy!  Although if SONIC had one you know I would be the first to sign up and win!)
With the card he now will get:
  • Free birthday drink
  • 2 continuous hours of free Wi Fi daily (thats big for him since he works out and about)
  • Free refills on brewed coffee and tea
  • Free flavored syrups
  • Free soy milk
  • Free tall beverages with ever pound of coffee purchased
  • Exclusive offers & coupons
  • Free drink ever 15 stars

This one here.....
She has never really LOVED our pup like we would hope!  I mean she did get ripped from her home, brought into a new one, and then put in it with a DOG!  However, after reading a lot of info....we found that for a cat to love a dog they must come around on their own time.  You are to give the cat a safe place and then let the cat come to the dog. Not the dog to the cat!  (which is how our house normally is).  Therefore, to give her time we have gated her so Winston can't run in and bark like a mad man!  At night once Winston is in his kennel she ROAMS FREE!!!  

Well here in the past 2 days, she has been very vocal.  Bob has always been a talker but man has she really stared to tell us!  She now will sit on the end of the bed and just MEOW!!!  She has decided she is not HAPPY with the way things are and wants us to know....But there is still that problem of the DOG!  I mean we move the gate and give her a chance to come roam and check it out but she just wont.  Yet she is pissed. meows, meows, and meows.  HELP!!!  Any ideas here on how to warm her up.  It's like in her head she has psyched her self up for him; but then when it comes time she freaks.  He is in no way mean to her, just a bunch of barking!  He mostly wants to play!  Therefore poor BOB, she sits each night and waits till 9 when she can roam free.  I love her and hate that this is how it is...I want to sit with her like we use to! It breaks both our hearts!!!

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