Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Which do you prefer??

First I would like to make a disclaimer, this is not a normal post.  Actually this is a post by request of my husband (I still have a hard time saying that.....just the other day I actually singed my old last name....ha).

He would like to know which health care group you prefer.  Here are your two choices...

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  2. United Health Care  
Prior to marriage I was a BCBS user.  Honestly I can't said I hated it or loved it...when it is your only choice you just use it!  Okay I was going to be good and do a little research on them both.  Then I did a reality check on myself....the reality is I don't understand any of that health care lingo.  That's the pro to being married, now he gets to figure it out and explain it to me!!  If you want to know more about them before you cast your vote just click on the names above.  Chris thanks you for your help! 

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