Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday week...and gifts

Well Chris' birthday week has been going on for a bit!  Last night we headed to his favorite place for dinner, Benihana.   Not only did Chris and I get to enjoy his birthday dinner, but my dad was in town too!  It was super fun, Chris even did a little dancing!!!

Oh did I mention that he got his birthday gift from me too!!!  Sadly I had to give it to him a bit early due to the size.  I mean how do you hide a box the size of your love seat??  Kind of tough!  Here he is opening it up.

 Here is what his gift will look like once it is put together.  Isn't it so CUTE!!
I don't want to forget to mention his gift from the Goerig's that he got  while we were with them.  He loved is a new weed eater (in a Home Depot gift card, HA)

Thanks to all who helped make his BIRTHDAY WEEK wonderful.  HAPPY 30th Birthday hubby...hope you had a blast!

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