Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poor baby!!!

Little Bear at the ER 
I know that I am not close by but still I feel so helpless.  I can only imagine how my dear sister feels.  Little Bear has been sick for a week now.  At first it was just not feeling good...then the throwing up....then the ER visit.  They thought that on Sunday morning when they headed out to the ER (on Little Bear's request) she would feel better.  After some test it was determined she was just dehydrated.  Then after a while with an iv, home they went.  Now today she had her follow up appointment with her pediatrician.  Poor baby has pneumonia.  I hate that she is so sick.  I know how bad it is to be sick sick, since I recently was.  However pneumonia is serious  I mean it has to suck.  I wish that I could help make her feel better.  Thankfully I am heading down on Friday to EC for B's 3rd birthday...but I hope Little Bear is better by then.  I hate that there is nothing you can do when little ones are sick but WAIT it out!  I know my sister is sad by all this too. No one wants there baby to be sick, or to feel helpless.
LITTLE BEAR, we love you and want you WELL now!!!  I want to see this smiling face as soon as possible...Love Auntie, Chris, Winston, and Bob Bob! 

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