Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why don't we do this?

I headed on up to Minnesota this week for Thanksgiving with my new hubby's family, Roberts and Co.  Besides the fact that it has been FREAKING COLD, life is good.  I mean last night I was a bit worried about arriving, due to the weather, however all worked out and I landed safe and sound.  

Today we prepared for Thanksgiving dinner and headed out to the store.  First of all I have to say immediately I loved the store because they still used the "old" shopping carts.  You know the box type ones....that had the huge space underneath so you could sit there as a kid (That's where Riley spent her time!!)  Okay anyways...I am sure you don't want to talk about shopping carts all day.  We enjoyed shopping with our 2 carts of goodies.  Everyone took a list and headed off!!  

HERE is the AMAZING part!!! Once you begin checking out, they place your items in bags.  The bags then are placed in a gray bin with a number on it.  Next they shove your "bin" of food through a door  ( similar to the luggage shoot at the airport).  You walk out with your receipt and number cards!  Next you get in the car and DRIVE THRU to get your groceries.

Byerly's the store I now LOVE!!
Timmy with our NUMBERS 
All the food ready to go into the cars
time to load them up....
  It is so neat that you don't have to freeze to death putting your groceries in your car.  Plus you get to warm the car up while they "load" your car.  I really think this is a neat idea.  I just wonder why in our MILLION DEGREE Texas heat we can't do this in the SUMMER!!!!  LOVE IT! 


Abby said...

Brrr... I think it sounds cold there!

I think that sounds like a ton of fun!! If only you could drive through a heated garage!!

Kara said...

First, great idea on the groceries.

Second, I'm hating on you a little because you are where it is cold and they have snow. Oh, what I'd give...

Hopefully after tomorrow's freaking high of 80 degrees, we will get some cold!

Lindsay said...

You're right, it IS freakin' cold here!

Either way, WELCOME! :)