Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun at the Club!

The family had some good times up at the club this week.  We headed up for dinner, wine tasting, and gingerbread house building.  On Wednesday night we had a nice little family dinner up there.  Of course we were still waiting on one family member (Whitney) to arrive.

Friday night the "girls" did some wine tasting up at the club.  They were having a wine sale for club members to purchase wine at a discounted price.  We enjoy the party!  Then on Saturday we got to decorate gingerbread houses!!!  Now that was SUPER FUN!!  Chris and I decorated one house, while Riley and Whitney did another.  We really did have a fantastic time making our houses unique!  I think you will see!!! (picture over load....yikes)
Riley at our table ready to go...

our house before we started on it

 the determination on both of their faces says it all...

my was still a work in progress

Chris did an amazing job on our landscape...just like at home

here is the front, everything done by Chris....still not done though

here is the front of Riley and Whitney's...still a work in progress

The final products....Riley and Whitney's on the left, Chris and I's on the right


I love our is so cute

Riley and Whitney did an amazing job too!

Our front

The side view

close up of the Pez window

close up of Chris' tree he worked hard on

the back of our house

and finally the front walk way!

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Abby said...

Super cute!! I am sure that Emery's birthday party last year is what made you such an expert decorator!