Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

I can not believe our little guy is already 2 years old.  It seems just like yesterday when we were "talking" about getting a dog.  Wow how Winston has grown up over the past two years.  He never was a really bad puppy.  I mean he only chewed up 2 or 3 things, and of course had a few accidents in the house.  But over all we have been very blessed with a smart little pup.
Here's what you are doing now:

  • You graduated from all 3 levels of dog training.  WAY TO GO ROCK STAR!!  
  • You now are allowed to stay out of your kennel all day while mommy and daddy work.  
  • Your father thinks you should sleep in our bed...mommy still makes you sleep in the kennel.  What can I say I like my space in bed without a pup on my legs. 
  •  You can go out in the yard without a leash (even though it makes mommy really nervous) and listen well enough to stay.  
  • You love your walks...and tell us about it if we forget! 
  • You love visiting your cousins when they are in town! 
Next year we are going to work more on being friends with your SISTER BOB the cat!!  One day I hope you will love each other.

We had a little celebration today once we got Winston from 4P Doggie Dude Ranch.  Thankfully they gave him a super hair cut (he was a shaggy mess prior to his stay).  I love 4P they are the best...they even put up with crazy puppy moms like me.  You better believe we sent a baggie with birthday goodies for them to share with him while we were away!

I really wanted to give him this yogurt he LOVES from Pet's West...but they are closed on Sundays.  Since we have been gone for a week it didn't happen.  That's when he got to enjoy his 2nd favorite treat!!! CHEESE!!!  Yes he is  sucker for cheese, I blame his father on this one (who also loves cheese).  Here are a few shots from the celebration today!

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Kara said...

Happy birthday little W!

Love, Lola & Kara