Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Happy Birthday to you!!

Christopher you are the love of my life! I am so thankful to be your wife!  I can not believe that we have come so far since our first meeting in 2005.  I still remember our first date like yesterday.  You know the one on Tuesday night to The Keg (before you knew my dislike for STEAK).   Thankfully you didn't hold my non steak eating ways against me and we went out again!  Finally on date NINE you decided to KISS me too!!!  What a lucky girl I was....such a gentleman waiting for the right moment to make his first move.

After that moment I knew dating you would be much different than any of those stinky boys in of the past.  You, Christopher, are the missing piece to me....the part that makes me whole!  Your love for life is just one of the many qualities I love about you. Actually I could list 1000 plus things I love....but for time sake (and lot's of thought about this post in the future) I will list one for each year of our marriage!

We have now been married 4 months....thus this year you get ONE!
This is the way you make me feel....happy all over, just glowing with love!!
  1. I love how you are planned, but spontaneous too! 

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