Sunday, November 07, 2010

You can't win them all....

but you sure would always like to!!!  This weekend Chris and I headed down to good old College Station for the OU game.  My sister and brother in law are both AGGIES and have some wonderful season tickets.  I was super jazzed. However  I know Chris was not 100% thrilled, as he doesn't love either team...but was a wonderful husband and cheered on the SOONERS!!! (thanks sweetie)

The weekend was a blast and flew by too fast!!!  I love getting to hang out with family, plus I had never gone to AGGIE LAND for a football game.  Of course Little Bear showed us around and gave me the play by play on what to expect.  You see she and B have become Aggie football experts.  B likes LOVES Aggie football.  He is probably the cutest thing to watch and listen to.  We headed to the game ealier enough to enjoy all the "kid zone" activities.  Of course we had a blast even if my SOONERS couldn't pull off a W this weekend.  Those Aggie people we were with were OVERJOYED to say the least.  Here are some pics to recap our weekend, enjoy.

Winston ready to head to the puppy hotel!

Here we are enjoying a little fun in the hotel room before the game.  The kids were showing Chris and I their "football" moves.  Did I mention that my sweet nephew B travels with at least 4 footballs (in his own pull along suite case) and a tee to kick them off of! 

Doing what he loves....kicking the "tootball"

Our first college game together...that is actually at the game!

Mommy and Little Bear, so stinking cute!

The whole family just before the game!  What a great pic...can't you tell I was totally killing them!

of course the smiles are after the family pic...stinker

Like father like son...they have the same face! Classic!!!

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