Sunday, November 28, 2010

**BlAcK FrIdAY**

I HEART BLACK FRIDAY!!!!  (yes I am yelling at you)  It is one of my top holiday LOVES!!  This year Black Friday had a whole new TwIsT,  the cold of Minnesota.  All of my prior Black Friday experiences were spent either in Amarillo or Houston.  Now don't get me wrong Amarillo can be pretty chilly in the morning so I can handle some cold.  However, Minnesota cold is WAY, WAY, WAY different.  Okay enough with the fact that it was freezing out.

Another new was added to the list....I grew up doing Black Friday.  However, the Roberts well they have NeVeR participated in Black Friday EVER!!  Can you imagine?  I was in pure shock.  I mean come on surely they had gone out at least once, nope.  Therefore I had to do a little BF teaching.  First things first explain the procedure, checking the ads.  Thankfully Chris and Timmy braved the weather Thursday morning to get a nice fresh paper so I could have all a "hard copy" of the ads.

I had to teach Lily how too
Next arranging the ads by OPENING time!  This is important otherwise you may be at the wrong store at the wrong time.  After you arrange the ads you can begin making your list.  Once I had made my list we were ready to enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving!  HA

Of course since it was not their first BF they needed a little reassurance.  I don't think his family really understood what it was going to be like.  That was until his mom and sister were BRAVE enough to take me to Toys R Us at 9.  Okay so I personally wasn't going for a huge item but one I did need.  So we didn't want to be there too early...I thought 9 would be okay for a 10 o'clock opening.  Plus let's be honest I didn't really want to be out in below zero temps that long.  Well our 915 arrival got us about 1/2 way in line.  The line wrapped around Toys R Us and back past another major department store.  We only had to wait about 30 minutes in line but still it was FREEZING.  Poor Teri and Riley had NO IDEA.  Then once we entered I told Riley to hold on to me...zoomed straight to the item that was needed.  Thankfully I had Teri because she found the perfect check out location.  We were in and out in less than an HOUR! Record time thanks to my family.

The troops after our trips out!!

just some of our goodies
Back home we caught a few hours of shut eye....then it was time to rally the troops again.  We were off at 4 am for our next 5 stops.  The team did a great job.  I think they had a LITTLE fun too!!!  We all ended up getting the things we wanted with no worries at all.  I even picked up a few little momentous that we try to always get.  What a fun Minnesota Black Friday it was!!  I loved the experience with the Roberts family too!!


Abby said...

I am so proud of the Roberts family!! They look like real troopers!! I converted Brians family years ago and now they go if we are here or not!!

p.s. I'm glad they did a good job with you, but we sure missed you here! Not the same without the original black Friday crew!

Kara said...

you're all nuts!