Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Let me guide you

through what may be the hardest decision you will make in the next couple of weeks.  What decision is that??  YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD!!  It's simple just one little word....

I love, love, love Shutterfly!!  I have been a Shutterfly user for many years now, but with the wedding this summer I really needed their help.  I know there are many on-line photo spots out there, however, none are as amazing as Shutterfly.  Not only have I up loaded all my wedding pictures to their site, but I have made photo books for both our families.  They also have a great share site where you can share all your photos with others.  We really enjoyed this feature as all of our guest were able to upload the pictures they took on our wedding day.  Thankfully we have over 2000 pictures just from friends and family to enjoy forever!  Okay, okay enough about my wedding lets get down to business.

CHRISTMAS CARDS Picking the perfect Christmas card can be a challenge for some, but with all the options that Shutterfly has to offers you can't go wrong.  I love so many of them it is hard to decided.  I  love that they have both photo cards and folding cards.  Here are a few of my favorite folding cards.

I also love the photo card option and it's simple styles.  If you are like me and have multiple photos you want to share, then the collage card is a must.  However, maybe you only have one amazing photo, well they have a card for that too.  The nice thing is you can search Shutterfly's site based upon the number of pictures you want on your card!  How great is that!!!!

Okay, maybe you are way ahead of me and already have your Christmas cards ordered. First of all BRAVO to you!!!  But can I suggest something super cute to easily personalize you Christmas gifts.   Shutterfly offers amazingly cute personalized GIFT TAGS!!!  I love this idea and it will make gift giving 100 times easier.  Of course there are many different styles to chose can go Christmas or neutral (that way you can use them year round). 

I really love the little gingerbread one!  But if I were ordering them, I would probably go with the neutral one.  Nonetheless no matter what you will be celebrating in the next few months shutterfly can offer you a deal.  Head on over and check out all the amazing specials...but you better hurry only 50 days till Christmas!!

*By posting this blog I received 50 free Christmas cards; spread the word you to can receive 50 free Christmas or holiday cards from Shutterfly 

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Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I love Shutterfly too and have been using that site since 2003! :)

Liesl :)