Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Wonderful Years!

All I can say is wow! I can not believe how fast time goes. I mean I can, but it still crazy. Exactly two years ago I was having my first date with Mr. Wonderful. Thankfully I had some amazing friends that forced me to join them at happy hour. As Chris and I sat and talked, slowly our friends began to leave the table. Next thing you know we were by ourselves chatting it up! I had been hopping for that moment for some time (ask my friends...I'm sure they were tired of hearing about it).

Did I know at that moment Chris would be the one I would live a long happy life with???? I had a feeling that our relationship would definitally be different! I am so blessed to have found such the perfect guy for me. We do wonders for each other! In less than 100 days we will become man and wife! I can't wait for the next adventure.

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Barbara said...

I wish you only the best of everything and will be checking back to see the plans for the wedding. I have add your blog to a list of Texas blogger on my page and would love to have you come and visit.