Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WOW, what fun we had today!

Let's just say when we left the house at 9:45 am we had no idea we would be out till 10:00 pm. Mom and I had the most productive day ever. I mean really we probably could have squeezed in a few more things, but I am just not sure where!!

We began our day hitting up smaller shops over here by the house. Our goal was to find super cute clothes for the wedding, cute goodies for the wedding, and well have fun. I can say we met them all. We found the cutest candle holder at one of the florist. Plus we got some great tips on a wonderful cake lady. Also some hints on flora arrangements for wedding parties. Then we ran into this little store I have been dying to go into, but never had the time. "Spoiled Pink"....SO STINKING CUTE! I found my dress rehearsal dinner outfit for sure there. Plus I got some other great out fits too. Not only that but the help was wonderful and if you look just right you can get some very reasonable buys. They also carry a lot of local artist jewelry and goodies, which can be fun too. I was super jazzed about my cute outfit.

(p.s. didn't I mention Miley went along with us every where too!!)

From there mom and I headed over to Los Vaqueros (where my back home party will be in August) for lunch. Mom had not seen the room yet so I wanted her to get a good look. You know it is easier to decorate something you have seen, right? She liked it, which is wonderful! We had a nice lunch then took off. Our next 2 stops were over on the other side of town. The hardest part was getting over there and not hitting the ZOO traffic. I know you people think I am CRAZY!! However, ZOO traffic during spring break is madness, but then today is 1/2 price day too. Therefor those of you familiar with the area will be amazed to know the traffic when all the way back to I35 and the downtown exit! MADNESS!!!

We finally found ourselves over at Paper Plant. Here you can build your own invitations and much more. It really is a neat store and if you know how to work things you can come out ahead by making your own stuff. I wanted to show mom these fans they make there. Not only can is it a fan but it is also a program for the wedding. I tried to explain it but she didn't understand so off we went. Once we go there we just had a blast. We made a mock fan to have as an idea...and mom talked me into making the cutest guest book. I know I said I didn't want a guest book for the wedding, however mom was very stressed out by this. Therefor she talked me into this handmade one for the back home encore party! It is going to be super cute, I'll post a pic when I get it next week!!!

(funny since Chris proposed in Scottsdale, Arizona!)

From there we were off to the random ROCK place I pass by all the time, Whiz-Q Stone. Why do we need ROCKS?? Well as stated above, instead of having a guest book for the wedding I am using rocks. Okay you now really think I am crazy right? No no no...I have been wanting this since the beginning. Instead of a book your guest will write their name and a message on a river rock. Then we can place all the rocks in our wonderful glass vase from Crate'n Barrel (that my sister got us for Christmas). I just love the fact that it is also a decorative item, as well as our wedding memories. A twist on the guest book and messages that's all!! Mom and I found some really neat rocks....oh and don't kid your self. We just climbed right up the mound of rocks and started digging around for the right size and shape. After picking out my 55 plus rocks we had to weigh them. All in all my 24 pounds of rock cost $2.48. Pretty cheap guest book if you ask me!! How will I get the rocks to the Dominican Republic? Simple I will spread them out among all our suitcases. I have been a little stressed about finding the perfect rocks (I know something silly to worry about), but now I am so happy.

mom on top of the pile...

note to self...don't wear nice shoes to dig for will get very dirty...

Finally, once we finished there we actually were on our way to Southlake!! Our goal all day was to head over to a store there; I actually thought we would have been there around 1. HA, it was now 5:30ish and we were just heading over. RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC...well we made it to North Richland Hills and stopped to do some shopping. I mean 183/820 is a mess at 5:30 so it was a super idea. After shopping the area we continued on to Southlake. We managed to make it there about 7, not too bad! We hit up our intended store....I was very happy I had found my super cute clothes earlier since they really didn't have anything amazing. However, I did find some rocking red shoes. All in all mom and I accomplished a TON of things today. I now have 7 super cute dresses for the wedding week (and honeymoon week), 3 pairs of wonderful shoes (and the just married flip flops), as well as a few accessories. I am very happy with this! Oh shopping task SWIM SUITS!!! YIKES, I just don't feel ready, but really need to get on it! (if you see any amazingly wonderful ones please share, since I will be on the beach for 2 weeks!!)

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Kara said...

I know the lady that owns Tickeled Pink. I randomly ended up watching her kids here at my house two summers ago while they went to a funeral...little monsters!

Glad you accomplished so much. You have guests who are much nicer than me, because I'm totally not giving up 1 lb. of my allowed luggage weight for anyone!