Monday, March 29, 2010

My guest book is in!!!

Alright I am sure you will remember back to my post where I spoke about my guest book! Ha, like you could remember, I can hardly remember what to do each day.  A little refresher for you.  Over spring break mom and I dug for rocks!  Yes, rocks....for my guest book at the actual wedding.   I want all my guest to write their names and memos on a rock.  I think it will be so neat to have the collection in a vase at our house!  I mean honestly for you married people; How often do you look at your guest book?  Exactly!  Do you even know where it is?

However, mom was very pressured that I would not have an actual guest book.  You know she has bent a lot with the whole destination thing...not being able to really plan and buy stuff for the actual wedding.  Therefore, she asked if we could possibly do a guest book at the Encore Celebration? (a.k.a. back home party)  I had not thought about having one there, so sure!  When we were at Paper Planet looking for some other ideas (fans for the ceremony) we found the perfect one.  I mean the idea for the perfect one.

I walked the wonderful worker through how I wanted it to look, and then they created it for me.  I picked this amazing hand made paper for our cover.  I love it it because it is the exact color that our wedding will be with a little something extra.  Then I had them put the hand made paper inside of the book for guest to sign on.  To top it off it was bound with this wonderful yellow ribbon!  I just LOVE IT!!!  THANKS MOM for pushing me to get a guest book.  Best part is, I designed and pick the whole thing out adding a little extra to the memory.

the ribbon binding...I love it

the inside where guest can sign and leave their thoughts...

If you are ever in need of ideas Paper Planet is where you should head.  It is kind of a design your own idea place that you can either make or have them make for you.  They have tons of pre-made ideas that you can look through for ideas.  I really love going much creativeness.  Chris better watch out or I could be spending a lot of our money in there!

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