Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marriage Mentoring Session 2

Last night Chris and I had our second session with our marriage mentors. They really are a fun couple and we had a great time. We have not been to mentoring for 3 weeks...because we were waiting on the results from our "test". If you remember that we had to answer the 200 plus questions....

Well anyhow on the way over Chris remembered that we got the results back this week. He said man I hope we don't have to go over all the questions tonight. I told him I thought they were just a reference for what we should work on. Well needless to say we didn't do to terribly bad on the test. We actually scored 100 on three of the areas, meaning we both chose the correct answers! Well the way things work is for the next couple of sessions we just review over a few of the areas we need to work on things.

We had a good time last night. I of course was the the one that answered some of the question "incorrectly". Mostly because I am very literal and truthful. One of the questions was on organization...and if I felt my future spouse appreciated my organization. I of course was truthful and didn't think he like how I organized (or lack there of). I mean Chris is very particular on things...and his organization is not mine. Needless to say I had to explain myself and why I picked disagree. It was funny to see what I would disagree on and what he would. I really am enjoying the sessions.

I think Chris and I are going to really grow from this. I mean in the past 3 weeks we had already worked on 4 of the "issues" that were talked about last night. Progress we are making...and having a good time while doing it! I am excited about next week because we are going to take a quiz to figure out which "love language" we speak!!

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