Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flat Miley day 2

Flat Miley had many adventures today!!! She began her day waking up in bed with sweet Bob! She loved sleeping in there and I know Bob loved having company. Then she headed outside to help Chris. Great weather + Chris= YARD WORK! His endeavor today was to remove a stump. I personally have no issues with said stump. However, apparently Chris has many issues with it. Unannounced to me he hates this stump because he can't just mow straight. Therefore today he was going to REMOVE try to remove the stump. Miley really felt like she could lend a hand. Then she like any girl realized this was an outlandish request!

Therefore she was done with Chris!! Her next task was to travel to Plano, Tx for a bridal show. My wonderful bridesmaid Julie, Miley, and I headed out.

Our goal was not so much checking out the bridal show but rather picking up part of my invitations!!! (YEAH YEAH YEAH) Sonja and her husband Jeff were so wonderful...they even had time for a picture! My invitations are going to be ROCKING!!! I can't wait till everyone gets them. After a bit of looking around we headed home!

(sorry IPhone cameras allowed in the show!)

Once we got home Miley was a bit tired I she chilled what Chris and I did some Tivo catch up! Then of course she (Miley) reminded me that we needed to update Little Bear on our days activities! Here we are all three of us (Winston, Miley and I) blogging away! Winston loves to help me blog and now Miley too! Fun was had by all today.

P.S---I promise not to blog about EVERY day (about every other) with Flat Miley, however there is a sweet 6 year old that misses her dearly!


Abby said...

I miss you! I hope you are having a good time. So glad your using your seatbelt. Love Emery

Abby said...

Love the updates. We get so excited about that!! Someone might have wondered where a certain someone's eye was, I assured her that Mily's bangs were just covering it up!