Monday, March 01, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I will tell you all this, like you don't know! I hate making decisions! I mean I HATE HATE HATE doing it. Therefore one can imagine how much I hate doing it for the wedding. I mean there are some things that I know I want and just jump on it it. However, there are also those other things that I don't want to be the main decision maker on. Case and point! WEDDING INVITATIONS!!!

Decision Numuro Uno: YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! Everyone get excited I have officially picked it and ordered them! Rock on my friends. I am very thankful I found Sonja at the bridal show last weekend. She had an invitation that met everything I wanted. You know different, cute (not cheesy), and one of a kind! Sonja and her husband own an invitation company in Flower Mound, JWD Paperie. She has been amazing...I mean every step of the way. I feel 100 percent better about the whole invitation problem I have had for about 2 months now. I can't wait till they are finished and mailed out. I just hope everyone who receives one LOVES them as much as I do!!

Decision Numro Dose: Okay so I can say this... I love yellow and am super excited about that being one of my wedding colors (the other aqua....matches the ocean). However, my poor bridesmaids are not so excited about it! Okay they honestly they have all been very kind about not voicing that option too much! Therefore since I am torturing them with a yellow bridesmaids dress I wanted to give them some options. I emailed out 4 dresses last week. Everyone voted on the top 2, and from there we had a run off. Finally on Thursday we had a winner....and I booked an appointment for 3 of my sweet girls this past Sunday. Erin, Whitney, and Julie all came and tried on the winning dress. I was excited to have them doing this for me! They all like aspects of the dress making it a great choice for all. So 3 dresses are ordered with 2 to go (they both live out of town).

(the yellow looks better in person of coures!)

I will have to say wedding wise this weekend has been very productive! Two of my major remaining decisions are in progress, thus making me one happy bride! Now if I could just get that fiance of mine to make a move on the men's wear!! They will be wearing a light sandish tan (like that word there) linen pant with a white long sleeve linen shirt, sleeves rolled 3/4 of the way up. He however is not sure where he wants to get the pants and such from....maybe I get him to plan that out soon! Then I would be an OVER JOYED bride! Rock on only 117 more days!!

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Emma said...

Hey girl! Found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Wanted to stop by and say "Hey!"...I love your blog! And congrats on your upcoming nuptials! =) xoe