Sunday, March 21, 2010

The fun is over

as I sit here sad about going back to work! BOO!! Well I did pretty good on my TO DO LIST, majority of the items got checked off. After mom and I had a very productive 1st half of the week, I took off for Norman. I had such a blast in Norman visiting my sweet babies. Okay well they are not babies any more! When I left Norman, Jack was just in Pre-K, Sissy and Will were in elementary school, and Sami was in Middle school. NOW Jack is the only one left in elementary school, Sissy and Will are both in middle school, Sami is driving and looking at Colleges! Where does the time go???

helping with the Flat Miley cause

How sweet is he??

Flat Miley loved her stay...

The kids have really grown up well. I mean to see how sweet and loving they are to one another is just amazing. I remember the days I was settling fights over silly things between Abby and Will. Not now, now Will is making sure Abby looks her best and keeping his eye on any boys that may cause trouble...he is her little protector. It is so cute to see how much he cares for her. Sam is so grown up I can't even believe that little guy was only 10 when I first started babysitting him. I remember the nights we would sit and do homework together...not now his is so stinking smart! Oh and my sweet baby Jack...he has really turned into a little man. He is reading like crazy, loves his big brother Will to death, and just hysterical to talk with. Jen and Troy Daddy have an amazing little family. I am and always have been very thankful to have been apart of their family. I loved every minute of my too short visit with the kiddos. Even the snow couldn't ruin our fun! We had a blast. I can't wait until the wedding when Jack helps B down the isle as my handsome ring bearers. Only 97 more days!

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