Saturday, March 13, 2010


Chris and I had a very special delivery today when we got home!! I have been waiting for this surprise for 2 days now!!! What did we have? Flat Miley (aka Flat Stanley), Little Bear's school project for the next 2 weeks. I am so excited to be apart of such a fun little project.

(Quick summary for those who don't know what Flat mail a paper doll to different locations, those people take pictures and write letter...they mail it back and you can read all the adventures your doll went on!)

Little Bear put in a lot of hard work to make Flat Miley ready to go. When I opened the package I was so shocked to see Flat Miley had a suitcase! Inside her suitcase were 2 extra outfits, accessories, and shoes of course. (For all the details on Little Bear getting Flat Miley ready to go click HERE!) Flat Miley wasted no time before her FIRST big adventure....

Miley in front of her suitecase!

Her 3 outfits, shoes, and much more! 

She jumped right outside and began helping Chris. The weather here was so amazing that yard work was fun! She helped him plant some new bushes in the back yard. Oh and did I mention that Flat Miley is an AMAZING baby sitter! That's right folks. I was watching one of the sweetest little girls ever, little M. Her mom and I play tennis together...and I love watching her because she is so good! Well Flat Miley sat with her for a while too. Little M loved Flat Miley she laughed at her for a bit.

Little M holding Flat Miley!!

Needless to say this is just a start to Flat Miley's many outings she will have for the next two weeks. Oh and I should probably worn you know, this is probably in no way the last post about it either. You know Little Bear loves to see what's going on while Miley is here. Little Bear she is in super hands...and do you care if she sleeps with BOB tonight? She loves you and misses you!!!


Anonymous said...

Auntie, It is just fine if Mily sleeps with Bob. Please just check on her to make sure she isn't alergic.

So excited to see Mily already having a fun time!!

Abby said...

I love that you have already put her to work. E was soooo excited to see Mily. She has been missing her like crazy. She feels like two weeks might be a whole lifetime!!

Thanks again Auntie your the best!!

aimymichelle said...

hahah my friends daughter did that and sent it to me it was so cute