Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Do!

I have not really posted much about or sweet little guy.  I guess things have been so busy lately with the wedding, spring break, and Chris in and out of town!  However the other night he was looking so cute I couldn't help but try out a few things with my camera.  I still have not gotten down to reading all the ins and out about it! But I am trying.  Here is our little guy looking rather FLUFFY!! (well over do for a hair cut)

And then this is the face that has won my heart over!  However, won his father's heart over way more than mine...he can talk his father into anything! 

Finally our sweet little guy did get his hair cut!  It was very nice to see him all trimmed up and clean.  He loves having shorter hair in the summer...he thinks he can run faster! Or so that is what his dad tells him.  


Kara said...

Cute! Glad he got his speedy haircut

Jen said...

What a cute haircut! Just found your blog :)