Monday, March 15, 2010

I can do this....

even though many people do not believe that I am capable of such things! (I will get to the the great accomplishment in a moment)

Today I had big plans of getting many things on my list done! I stared off on the other side of town which proved to be very beneficial since it is SPRING BREAK! Why does that matter you may ask? Well we live by BOTH the Fort Worth Zoo and Fort Worth Science Museum thus equaling MAJOR TRAFFIC. The police are posted at all the concerns making sure traffic doesn't back up too much. However, it is still pretty slow moving. I think the reason things are so crazy this year is because the museum is newly remodeled and much better than before. Anyhow, with all the crazies out I thought I had accomplished enough for the day and headed home.

Well not only did I accomplish some tasks on my TO DO LIST (3 to be exact)...but I also COOKED DINNER! (yes you read this correctly, go ahead and reread it if you need) No, I am not a fan of cooking, nor do I ever want to really cook. Chris enjoys cooking so I kind of let him do it all. Well needless to say I went out on a limb here today and made dinner. Chris works late on Mondays so that gave me plenty of time. He had been asking for lasagna the past couple of days. Therefore I being the wonderful, amazing, super, awesome, spectacular fiance I made him lasagna.

Please keep in mind the prior statement....I DO NOT COOK! I should have added; I have never in my life made lasagna, nor am I a big fan. I mean my mom and sister love it and make it often. However, the only part I can remember of the whole thing is cooking the big noodles. Therefore, GOOGLE here I come!! I did a quick little look up; reviewed about 50 different styles and just picked one with super reviews. I spent the better half of the evening making my lasagna from scratch! That is right people I made everything; no I didn't cheat with a jar of ready made sauce! Chris was over joyed when he came home. That made it worth all the work I put in (especially since we had yet to eat it to see if it sucked). Chris took some pictures with the camera, however for some reason they didn't work???

I don't think the IPhone pic does it justic!

Just before we ate I did tell Chris if it sucked he didn't have to pretend to like it! You know I want him to be willing to eat it, but not if it totally sucks. GREAT NEWS!! It didn't suck, and Chris actually like it. I personally thought it was a little spicy, but know how to tweak it for next year. Please feel free to share your lasagna recipe with me...I am ready for the next one.

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Abby said...

weirdo...I have two really good recipes. Neither of which are the ones mom makes, if you want them call me!

You use to cook for us all the time when you were the nanny. So I know you can do it, all you have to do is try! This explains the olive oil question...please tell me you used olive oil!