Monday, March 15, 2010


(I probably wont be doing a lot of this...blogging)

Today is officially the first day of SPRING BREAK! I am so freaking jazzed...well mostly because the last 4 weeks of 26 kids has worn me out! Yes, I am very thankful because this last week I had 3 kiddos withdraw...leaving me at 23. However, a break is much needed here in my life! Not only do I need a break, but I have many wedding things to get started or completed this week too. What all do I hope to accomplish? (notice how I said HOPE!) Let's see:

  1. Bob to the vet...she has a funny spot on her back
  2. Winston's hair cut on Tuesday
  3. Addressing all 150 wedding invitations
  4. Stuffing all 150 wedding invitations
  5. Finalizing the items needed for the welcome bags
  6. Order the items I don't have yet for the welcome bags
  7. Confirm that all bridesmaids have placed their orders for dresses
  8. Pick out the shorts/pants for my 2 sweet ring bearers
  9. Arranging address for the Encore celebration back home
  10. Picking out cute little invites for the Encore party
  11. Shopping with mom for her outfit
  12. Shopping for swimsuits/beach gear
  13. Shopping for at least 3 or 4 super cute outfits for showers/rehearsal dinner/anything wedding related
  14. Helping Chris finalize the grooms men's outfits on Wednesday
  15. Double checking all details
  16. Redoing my center groups for school
  17. Properly filing some work samples from the kiddos
  18. Cleaning out a closet
  19. Getting the car washed (majorly needs it)
  20. Taking a trip to Norman, OK (doing this one no matter what)
Okay after listing it out it looks to be a very busy spring break week. I mean heck I may not even get to sleep in like I kind of wanted to! Okay so I have now made each of you accountable of keeping me on track! When you start to see thousands of random blogs...well you may want to speak up. However, I know I will derail at some point...who doesn't? Regardless I will do my best to complete the list above (we will revisit this on next Sunday to see.) Everyone else who is lucky enough to have a spring break...ENJOY IT!

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