Thursday, March 24, 2011


everyday I see many wonderful things happen in life.  If it is not one of my students helping another child in class it is something else.  This week I saw amazement in you my blog followers and dear friends.  I posted on Monday about my high school friend and her new son Seton.  I wanted to thank you all for stopping by their page.  I noticed that over 90 people read the post and can only hope that those extra 90 prayers or thoughts helped little Seton gain more strength.

As of yesterday, they have taken their sweet son home.  Of course his venture home comes with many extras such as feeding machines, oxygen machines and much more.  However, I am surety are loving life with their son at home with them.  Thanks again for your sweet thoughts for the Olivers  I know the Olivers' are very grateful as well.

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