Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A nice surprise

Today I was headed home from work just thinking about what I would do with the rest of my evening.  You know trying to plan out how to fit everything in for the night/week.  Of course when I got in the house there was a sweet face greeting me!  The weather was so very nice (minus our crazy wind)  I couldn't pass up a little walk with my friend.  We headed out...and stopped by a Dylan and Jessica's also know to Winston as Playa and Carmen's.

Normally I make Winston keep going, but today I had some things to chat about with Jessica...you know neighborhood talk and good old gossip.  I love that they live on the block behind us!  It is nice having good friends as neighbors.  Anyway, there sweet little girl greeted Winston and I at the window.  Jessica and I got to chatting and time got away from us.  Wouldn't you know I ended up staying and eating dinner with them!  I love unexpected events like this in life!  Thanks Dylan and Jessica for having me for dinner.  Jessica is a great cook...maybe I should happen by more often!  Winston and I loved catching up....and well he loved running in the yard with Playa and Carmen.

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