Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

Please ignore my awful sunburn!
WHEEEWWWW!!!  I think this is the first time all weekend I have actually sat down and relaxed!  We had yet another busy weekend on our hands.  For starters I was playing with Claire in a tennis tournament. Thankfully the draw was not too large....allowing me to find a way to leave Saturday night open.  Our first match was on Friday night...but let's not talk about it!  Um, it was not the best tennis either of us have ever played!  Enough said!!

Saturday morning, Chris went a head and finished up our flag stone walkway.  It looks SUPER!!!  I hope it will help sale our house too.  Then we (Winston too) ran to Lowes and picked up some other things.  Of course we had to eat a hotdog while we were there too!  We really love the Lowes hotdog guy, actually we prefer them over Home Depot.  (if you have not tired their hotdogs you should...mmmm...) Next we rushed home and I took off for match number 2.  The good news is that we got on court a bit earlier than scheduled, the bad news is we took forever to play!  Once our match was over I had to RUSH RUSH RUSH home and clean up.

Last night my school had their annual art auction.  For those of you who have no idea what this is....well let me enlighten you!  Basically our sweet art teacher works on projects with each grade level.  They start working on these projects around October besides the normal art class items.   Each grade level has a theme!  My second graders had Andy Worhol (he did many piece with silk screening)  and Charlotte's Web!  The kids made time capsules of items to be opened in 2015.  They placed their items in a screen printed was so cute!

Okay back to the there are a total of 12 "master pieces" that are student created you can bid on.  But also there is a HUGE HUGE HUGE silent auction.  The items in this area vary from food, house decorating, romantic getaways, and teacher parties.  There were a couple of things Chris and I wanted to win!  When you arrive you may begin bidding on the silent auction items.  That continues on through the meal and then ended around 8:30.  Of course you have to keep "stalking" the items you really want!  We bid on a cooking package where a chief came and cooked 5 meals at your house!  Also on a cooking party for up to 20 people.  Chris wanted a golf package.  Also we found something for our sweet little pup!!

Though out the night we got to mingle with all the parents and teachers that were there.  I really enjoyed getting to chat with many of my moms in a more informal setting.  You know I wasn't having to be the "teacher" telling them how good their child is or what they need to work on at home.  Once the silent auction ended the fun really began!  Now it was time for the bigger items...the art!!!

I am completely amazed at how much our parents were willing to spend for their child's class piece.  Now keep in mind all this money is going to improve our school...they want to build a running track around our play ground!  The first few pieces went for 300-400 dollars...then we hit a fourth grade piece!  Man that piece really got things going.....if I remember correctly it went for 2,500 dollars.  I love that our parents want the school to be amazing.  I love that they are willing to help out!  I also love that they enjoyed all the art pieces the kids have worked on....each piece was created with such love!!

The company was wonderful, the event was amazing, we raised tons of money, oh and we won one of the silent auction pieces.  What was it?  Well.....only the best for our pup!  We bid on a 100 dollar gift card to Winston groomer...and won it!  Winston will now get 2 hair cuts for the price of one! ROCK ON!!!
Our goodies for Winston! 
Oh yeah and did I mention...Claire and I got 2nd place today after our very LONG match this morning.  That's right folks it was a rough start but we pulled it off in the end.  Enjoy your Sunday!


courtney said...

You forgot about your second prize! Remember we're splitting the cooking demo! And thanks for enlightening me on dogs being allowed at Lowes! That might be our next outing!

Janna said...

Congrats on the Tennis Tournament...

You guys make me tired just thinking about all you did!

Congrats to Winston on getting a prize :)

Happy Sunday my friend!