Monday, March 14, 2011

What a start to

my spring break! I took a half day on Friday, because Chris' work is having a function out of town.  In order for use to make it there and enjoy our time we wanted to skip town a little early.  Of course we had to take this cute face to his favorite puppy spot!

Waiting at the door with his bag and bed! 

The thing I hate most about going out of town is leaving this face...and Bob alone!  However Winston LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Kerrie and Steven at 4P Doggie Dude Ranch.  They take the best care of him!  After dropping our little stinker off at the ranch we were on our way!  

Chris' company was hosting their annual awards banquet at the Four Seasons in Houston this year.  Have I mentioned that I love the Four Seasons.  We frequent the Scottsdale Four Seasons with Chris father and LoVe it!!  I love the personal service...Actually I love a billion things about the Four Seasons.  I will tell you a few of my favorite reasons: 
  1. You are always referred to by your last a newlywed I ADORE that! 
  2. You get night time "turn down" service
  3. The place is run amazingly

Thanks to Chris' amazing COUSIN we had a wonderful stay!  He made sure our room was perfect and so much more.  Here is our wonderful room! 
Our goodies as we arrived!

Chris enjoying the view from our wrap around window in the bedroom.  
The CoZy sOft it!
Our living room too...
Once we got settled in we enjoyed a nice dinner out.  Then we headed back to the lobby for some fun with his Chris' cousin! We also found out that his cousin just got promoted to the LA Four Seasons!  How fun is that??

This is how I spent my first day of spring break!!!  Loving every minute of it, of course!!
Chris took all of these pics...little stinker
I got to lay in bed, watch some footage of the Japan disaster (so sad), and enjoy this view of downtown.  After some good old laziness...we got up and did a little running around town.  That evening we got all dolled up for the banquet.  The dinner, people, and awards were wonderful.  Here are a few pics we took before.
ready to head out
Doesn't he look so handsome!
I love that my spring break started out with such a fun and relaxing weekend.  Now that I am all relaxed and happy....I have to hit that TO DO LIST! YIKES! Thank heavens I have a wonderful mom who is willing to help out!  Enjoy your week.

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holy crap! you're wearing make-up! i just fainted!