Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well sadly spring break is over and I think I am more worn out that before.  But the good news is thanks to my mom, sister, and family I was able to check off many things on my list.  Without my people here to help it would have been so tough.  A HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS THANKS to mom and Abby for everything.

First things first....we began the clean out of our house!  We are trying to "stage" the house so we can sell it.  I think we have made some tremendous progress.  I am just mad that I didn't take pictures before I realized I needed to. Grr!
Here is how the house looked (kind of) before!  Keep in mind all of our closets were packed with well wedding gifts I have yet to use due to lack of space.  Chris' parents were kind enough to send down a POD with some goodies in it for us when we get our "bigger" house.  Plus we are now able to move out some of our things....I mean my storage unit is pretty packed with my apartment stuff in it!  Okay get ready for some major pics....

This is where my sweet RED couch went in our bed room....out it goes! 

Here is our room during the mess of things! 

In the empty space was Chris' couch...again away it goes! 

our living room...yikes

This is the guest room also known as Bob's room....preclean out

Okay and here is a look at the POD in all of the goodies we got or put in! Ha it was a huge project to pack that sucker just so!  We had to make sure it was nice and tight so nothing would fall or break during the move. 

Again I should have taken pictures before we got all the stuff out! 
Here are all the things out of the pod!
Chris' mom was even nice enough to send all of Riley's baby things.  I got a great baby bed, amazing stroller, and a bike stroller!  Yippee this makes me want to have a baby. Yes, my mom just fell over as she read that! Ha...but no babies for us anytime soon we have to get a HOUSE first!

Okay in this pic you can see the first part of our stacking.  In the pod we have our guest mattress, both of our couches, the dinning room table and hutch from Chris' parents...thanks! Also a wonderful coffee table.  This was only the beginning of our POD fun.  My sister has a great pic of the pod closer to the end!  I will post those later!

Again our goodies waiting to go back in.

A clean organized closet...prior was stuffed to the gill with wedding gifts! 

Bob's closet cleaned out...with her box in there so we can hide it easy! 

My new bed thanks to my grandma....This room is wonderful now! Bob loves it too!!
Our bedroom!!  
The new TV stand area...remember it was where my couch went! 

A look at our living room from our bedroom.
A view from the kitchen 
A view from the door...
Okay so we moved these chairs over to make it look roomier.  Yes...the TV mess will be covered soon!  I have to go pick up a nice Tree plant thing to go between the chairs.  Then we need to do a few more touch ups here and there.

Oh and did I mention that mom and I also worked in the yard.  Here are a few pics of that too.
new mulch in all the beds....
Part of our new flagstone walk way.
We still have to pick up more flagstone for the upper area to the door.
The bed before we planted and mulched!
Weeded, mulched, and flowers added
Flowers added also mom brought down grandma's bird bath to add.
The side, almost ready to go! 
Well we are not 100% done with the yard as you can see, but mom and I can only do so much in a short time frame.  Oh and to top off all the fun!  I also got my BLOG SWAP gift ready and shipped off.
I can not wait for JANNA to open up all the goodies. I have had the best time getting to know her better.  I love this blog swap idea for so many reasons...but most of all for making new sweet friends! Oh and did I mention that Chris is out of town again!  Winston and I have been chilling...but he misses his dad.  I only know this because he always lays so he can see the door, as if he is waiting for Chris to walk in at any moment.  Poor guy will have to wait a few more days.  I hope your weekend was as productive as mine.  Enjoy your MONDAY!  Kicking and screaming I too will head back to work....

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Abby said...

Your so sweet to give us any credit for helping, mom was the real help. We can only be credited with havoc. Looking good, hope it sells fast!!