Thursday, March 03, 2011

Busy week

Okay so it has been a pretty busy week with Chris being out of town and all.  Therefore I am little sad I missed some of my favorite link up blogs.  I love the WILW (what I'm loving Wednesday) and 5QF (five question Friday) I thought I would just do a quick mix of them both.  HA!

Here goes:

What I am loving now is:

Chris is back home from work stuff all week. It's not the same without him around

watched after our sweet pup while we headed out for the funeral.
They always take such good care of Winston, he is in puppy heaven there.

It is finally FRIDAY! This week at school has been terrible!!!
The only thing nice has been the weather.  

Chris and I got to eat dinner with my Cousin Kim and her son Gregory. 
We live about 3 hours away...but life is busy!  After tonight though we MUST do it more.
We really enjoyed catching up...even if it was a quick stop in town.

Hope you all have a super weekend! 


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Glad Chris is back - it's hard when they leave!! Sorry it's been a busy week, but I hope the weekend makes up for it :)

Kim said...

Thanks Em. It was very enjoyable and yes we really need to do it more often even if we meet half way. Guess if nothing else will see you end of April for the marathon. =)