Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creepers, yard work, and more

Well yesterday was kind of my lazy day all day! Ha!!  Today I got up and thought I would start things off right with spin class.  I normally go to the classes after school you know the 5 or 6 o'clock class.  So hitting an early class seemed pretty exciting.  Well I had never got to this instructor before....and can say I will not return to her class.  There was only a total of 8 people in class.  If you have ever attended a good spin class at 24 hour you know this is NOT NORMAL!  But then again I thought well it is spring break and 8:30.  Yeah, that is more than likely NOT the CASE!!!

The class was horrific to put it nicely.  I mean in the first 30 minutes we had only turned our knobs 3 times...are you kidding me!  This was in no way a challenging ride.  Then to top it off this CREEPER was sitting next to me.  Picture a 40-45 year old man in super tight workout shorts and a tank top.  Yes, he picked the bike RIGHT BESIDE ME!  There are 20 bikes in this room (only 8 taken), and he pick directly beside me.  Okay no problem....until he was WATCHING me the entire time.  I mean it was the most creeped out I have ever felt in my life.  He would not stop watching me...it was so bad that I felt dirty.  Needless to say with the crappy workout and the creeper next to me...I ditched out of class a bit early! I felt like the stalking was over the top and I needed to go home and shower off!

After my amazing workout, I ran home and picked up Chris.  We had an appointment with the tax guy. Thank heavens we are done with taxes. Then a super great lunch date at our favorite, ROSA'S for taco Tuesday of course!  After lunch we headed over to Home Depot for a little yard renovation.  Nothing like picking up 12 bags of mulch, grass seeds, plants, and more to start spring break off with a bang.  Tomorrow we are going to meet with a relator to look at houses!  I am super excited for that.  Much like blog stalking I have been house stalking on line.  It has been great, but nothing beats checking them out in person.  Oh and about blog stalking.

I have been out and about picking up little odds and ends for my blog swap partner, Janna!  I am having the best time picking out goodies for her!  I love the spring blog swap.  I have just a few more odds and ends that I need to gather before I mail it of on Thursday!  Now I should do a few more "productive" things before Chris gets home from work, yikes.


Elizabeth said...

So happy you are doing the spring blog swap with us! Janna is GREAT!

Amber said...

Ewww.. so creepy!

I LOVE blog swaps, they are so much fun! :) Can't wait to see what you get too!

Janna said...

EWWW...creepy creeper!

I was just out shopping for you :) I can't wait...

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Creeper needs to quit going to the gym... eeek!

Good job with your taxes... I know nothing about them, I would be so lost with out Tim!