Monday, March 21, 2011

If you have some extra time

I have a small request!  If you're a frequent visitor of my blog you probably noticed the link on my side bar.
Well, one of my sweet high school friends has recently given birth to her first son.  Her pregnancy was pretty routine, until the 34 week check up.  It was at that doctors visit that her and her husbands life changed.  They found out that their soon to be son's brain had stopped developing.  From there they spent many days in different doctor offices....traveled to Dallas to seek more information for their unborn son.  None of the information of course was positive...many test were done yet no true answers had been found.

Since then Shawna has given birth to Seton, as of today he is 11 days old.  Each day they face new challenges with their son.  Today Seton has been moved from the NICU to a "rooming in" space.  Basically Shawna and Zane (the parents) are able to live in this room with Seton.  They are learning the many things necessary to keep their baby boy alive.  From this point the doctors have little hope he will survive much longer.  Of course he has already over come many difficulties that none thought possible.  If you have a moment please swing by their blog....Zane (the father) has an amazing way of sharing each and every feeling they have with you.  Also if it is not too much to ask please add them to your prayer list.  Seton has proven to be a very strong baby, but every little thought helps.  Thanks for taking the time to send up an extra thought I know they are very appreciative!

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