Sunday, March 06, 2011


Everyone has something they procrastinate about!  I know there is no way I am the ONLY person who procrastinates???  Well, I have (by blogging write now am still) as long as possible.  I have been procrastinating on school work all weekend.  There are like a billion things I need to get done but just can't force myself to do it.  I think that there are 2 reasons why!

  1. I attended an all day (7:45am-4:00pm) training yesterday.  The training was great, but it makes me want at least one day off from "work" related topics....aka grades, papers, centers, blah blah blah...
  2. I am STILL sick!! Geeezzzeeee I thought by now I would be over this mess of sickness.  I am now at the coughing my lungs off and foggy head point!  Yikes!  
Needless to say of all things I would like to do SLEEP, WATCH TV, and VEG!  That didn't stop my wonderful husband from GUILT tripping me into spin class today!  He "claimed" I would feel better....well hum.  Yes, it was nice to be working out.  However, as far as feeling better I am still a coughing FOOL!

I'm glad my husband forced me out the door to do something today!  After spin we enjoyed a nice little outing to Home Depot.  Then we hit up some lunch, as well as Wally world!  Now, well I should be doing "school" stuff.  Yikes...I guess if I don't I will regret it all tomorrow!  Okay I can do this...only 5 days till SPRING BREAK!!!  WHOO WHOO!  Hope you all had a more productive less procrastinating weekend! 

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Amber said...

Girl, I know what you mean. I'm the same way. Especially on the weekends. You just want at least ONE day to do absolutely NOTHING. I hear you.