Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take a deep breath in...

now release it! Ahhh didn't that feel good!  You know as a teacher you really look forward to many things, but mostly BREAKS!  HA, breaks from your kiddos for a moment to breath in and relax a second or two. This spring break I have a big plans, thus the reason I need a few extra deep breaths!

Normally I get to enjoy my sweet niece and nephew for spring break...this is the first year I am not.  I'm pretty bummed by that; but know I get them for a week this summer!  I ALWAYS get them for a week in the summer, it's "AUNTIE" time for them.  Well for my sister and brother-in-laws vacation time..ha (I love to spoil they have do go through auntie detox when they leave!)

Needless to say since I am not hanging out with them I have to be super productive!
Here are the endeavors I WILL accomplish over the next week:


  • Chris' work awards banquet
  • get my blog swap gift organized and mailed
  • Move out the extra stuff
  • manicure the flower beds and pots
  • squeeze in some spring clothes shopping 
  • house hunting (just for fun)
  • work out EVERYDAY!!!
  • prep for the OKC marathon (yeah haven't even started, YIKES!)
  • new center groups for the kiddos 
  • new table groups (their talking is making me CrAzY)
  • file away old paper work 
  • prepare POST SPRING BREAK rules (they always come back a little rowdy, have to lay the law down again for the last 11 weeks)
Okay, whew I am pooped just typing my list out!  I guess I may have to give up my dreams of sleeping in and eating bon bons all day.   I do know one thing for sure... I will be NO WHERE NEAR the FORT WORTH ZOO for the next week. Thus posing a problem since we live with in the radius of it.  ZOO traffic + Spring Break= MADNESS!!!


Kim said...

You better get started on that training!!!! Dad and Gregory will be working on that this next week too!

Abby said...

I think you should go to the zoo on free zoo day!! Not crowded at all!! Ha!

We miss you too! If you'd rather spring clean here, we'd love the help!