Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Flags=More Fun!

Little Bear and I ready for fun.

1/2 Birthday would not have been AMAZING with out a trip to a certain place. You know that place that has 6 flags waving above it, tons of roller coasters, and is billions of degrees hot! Yep, you guessed it SIX FLAGS! Little Bear loves loves love loves loves Six Flags! (do you think she likes it at all)

Here we come Six Flags

Great job B B getting us our tickets...

Last year we really didn't go to Six Flags. I blame that on the fact that Little Monkey was too little, we were too busy, and well time went to fast. Therefore this year Little Bear really wanted to go. She really does love to ride roller coasters. She is so very brave! Well Abby came back and joined Little Bear and I late on Saturday night. In the mean time mom had bought our Six Flags tickets. (they are much cheaper out side the DFW zip codes) However, our problem was that Mom had the tickets. After many back and forth, back and forth conversations she decided she could make a quick 2 day trip. She headed out of A-town very early on Sunday to bring us our tickets. (It is nice to have passes because you can go do what you want and leave and not feel bad! ) Once she arrived we took off for Six Flags.

Little Bear could not even believe it....she was so super jazzed. She was talking about all the rides she really wanted to do. Of course we would try and fit in as many as we could. Sadly it was only a quick trip to Six Flags, since Abby and Little Bear were heading home that night. We enjoyed 2 1/2 hours of delight. There were hardly any lines at the rides. Little Bear got to do all the rides she really wanted too. After our quick trip Abby and Little Bear took off for EC. I was so sad that our "Girls" weekend and 1/2 birthday festivities were over. Thanks to mom for making the very early drive so we could all have a blast together. I am sure there will be many more trips to Six Flags over the summer!

(Sorry only before pics....the afters would have been scary! We were pretty sweaty and tired! )

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