Monday, June 15, 2009


Winston and I with the flowers he gave me last week!

Well I am sure those of you who DO NOT teach feel as though having the SUMMER off must be a joy. I mean I can sit and relax each day with no worries. Let me tell you know....NOT TRUE! I mean sure it is great to have off all summer (well 2 months any ways), however you really don't have it OFF! Let's take a look back at my 1st week of summer:

First off I have yet to lay by the pool. Which is my whole goal of the summer! Abby, Mom and Little Bear joined me for awhile. We hit up Six Flags and the water park....Since then I have been running nonstop! I then had a GT training, don't even get me started on that! I have tennis every Friday and Saturday there goes those days of sleeping in. Saturday I actually got to enjoy one summer night at Rascal.

This week: well today is my only "off" day for the week. I spent it helping a friend out at school. See even when we are done with that place we still manage to be there! She has been needing to move classrooms (this is for another blog) but unable til today. The rest of the day will involve running around town in preparation for our trip on Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday are booked....with WORKSHOPS! See a teacher never stops. I have GT/ESL/Math all packed into two days. I like to do my workshops right after school ends...some wait til August, but it is too hard to wake up early then. Then we have puppy school and I have tennis! Thursday, another day with running around town, packing, and getting a hair cut. Friday we leave town.

This coming weekend is the Mudroch Family Reunion in Colorado! Chris and I are heading up there, as well as my whole family. I am sure it is to be an amazing time. What I do know is the weather will feel great compared to here!

There you have it NON TEACHERS!!!! We really don't get much of a break from work. What break we do have we fill it with more SCHOOL stuff like workshops and creating things for next year. Doesn't it make you feel a bit better to see that we are busy....even while you work away!


Abby said...

Dude you need to come to EC. We've been to the pool pretty much every day for the last month!

See a country life is a simple life!

Kara said...

My Mom who retires today after 30 + years with the school used to do one of the following things in the summer (besides the normal teacher requirements): (1) go back to school for her master's, or (2) work a second job.

...Just saying :)

Kara said...

So I was thinking as I was running from place to place for Lola this afternoon...

Winston sent you flowers? He is obviously very advanced for his age! You think he could teach Lola how to send me flowers?

Alyssa said...

Oh my goodness I hear ya! I always spend our first week off cleaning my room; we have 3 comp days we have to get; not to mention the training days they expect you to get in addition. I have two days of training this week! Still leaves me a nice vacation, but far from the 3 months everyone thinks we get!