Friday, June 26, 2009

Shopping, Golf, and a little family time

Well on Saturday the boys (Chris, Brian, and Dad) took off pretty early to play some golf! Us girls, well we of course slept in a little and then took off to town square for some shopping. The town is just is so cute and friendly. They have about 4 or 5 blocks of shops to pick from. Everything from t-shirts to homemade ice cream and fudge. Believe me that homemade fudge looked great (too bad I don't like it). Mom of course found her favorite shop right a was a cute little place that makes fun animal figures from recycled parts! Little Bear, Little Monkey, and I kind of did our own things going in and out of all the shops. We found some penny presses to make souvenir pennies....Little Bear loves that. I bought a cute shirt and hat; and got both mom and Little Bear a bag of rocks. Yes, rocks they love to find neat rocks. Little bear has a whole tree she places all her fun rocks around and names them all....Rocko of course!

Getting ready to head out...I love this pic!

Little Monkey making sure we are taking snacks with us...

Randomly in Estes Park, Co there is a whole Huskers store...Chris was in heaven!

The guys finished up golf and met us in town. However mom, the kids, and I took off for the Y. They were having a rock climbing wall at the Y so we wanted to try and catch that. Luckily we made it in time for Little Bear to try it out. (sorry those pics are on Abby's camera...I'll try and get them) She had never climbed a rock wall before and was a bit nervous but did wonderful. She made it half way up the wall, I think for a first timer and 5 year old that was amazing. Thankfully Sydney was nice enough to let Little Bear going in front of her because she had already had a turn. Other wise she may not have had time to climb it. Thanks Syd your the best!

The rest of the gang made it in time to see Little Bear scaling the wall. We were all so proud of her. Then we went back up and socialized with all the Mudroch's for a bit. However, had to leave in order to go home change and be back in time for dinner and the party....

Chris and Little Bear making paper airplanes...and hats!

As we pulled into our wonderful house there was a surprise waiting for us.....

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