Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Randall High We Honor You....

In our heart for ever true! Fighting Raiders, Randall's pride..... This past weekend I had my high school 10 year class reunion. First of all I can not believe that it has already been TEN YEARS! Where does the time go? Poor Chris if it wasn't bad enough that he had to attend my FAMILY reunion; he also got to attend this one. Now I would gladly repay him and attend his High School reunion, but they picked Labor Day weekend (we go to Scottsdale at that time....DARN!)

So although we had just come home from Colorado...it was a quick 4 day stay in Fort Worth and then off to the Big A! The fun part about it was Abby was also having her 15 year reunion so the whole gang was in town. Chris and I flew in Friday evening in time to join mom, dad, and Abby's kiddos. We all went to dinner, while Abby and Brian enjoyed their 1st event of the weekend. (they had 3) My class had chosen 2 events a lunch on Saturday (with kiddos); and then a dinner Saturday night (no kiddos).

Saturday Chris and I headed out to Lake Tanglewood for the lunch. I really had no idea who all was going to the reunion. As we checked in at the gate I got a sneak peek looking over the list of who was already checked in. Once we arrived it was such a blast... everyone looked so great and they all had kids! You know it is fun to catch up with everyone. Many people were busy chasing babies and such so we didn't get to chat with everyone. No worries though at dinner we did. Dinner was nice because everyone just got to relax and chat. There were no kids to chase and such. I think we had an amazing turn out for the reunion. Laura, Brandy, and Bobby did a wonderful job putting it all together. I loved getting to see everyone and learn about their lives now. We even had fun looking through the year book and seeing who met those goals for their lives. I can't wait for our next get together....and maybe in can be in the DFW area since 1/2 our class is here. Loved seeing you all Randall Raiders of '99.

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