Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last night was the night I look forward to all SUMMER LONG! The Rascal Flatts concert of course. My friend Erin and I have made it a tradition to go every year. I can still remember back to the first time we went. It was way before Rascal was "BIG". They were playing at a little bar in Dallas, Firewater. (about 5 years ago) It was very up close and personal.

Since then we have had to join the masses to enjoy their concerts. Last night was no exception to an AMAZING concert! Minus the fact that it was oh 100 degrees out and the sweat poured out of every part of our was still a wonderful night. I was a little worried this years concert might not have been as up beat as the past, since their last CD release. This new CD, Unstopable, has more slow songs on it than the others have....but man was I happily surprised! The concert was AMAZING (did I say that already)!

Rascal always puts on a great show and they have the best stage set up too. Erin and I still really love their stage set up about 2 years ago, but last nights was wonderful. They had large screens all over the stage flashing up videos and such that go with each song. The best part of it was that they crammed in more songs this year. It was 2 hours of pure Rascal Mannia! Instead of playing a lot of the new songs, they played small pieces of each one leading into many of the good old songs too. They even took it back and played some old school Rascal! I loved it all, can you tell. I am on a Rascal HIGH!!!

Another concern that I had was since Rascal has teamed up with JCPenny's the concert would really be more of a huge commercial for it. That wasn't the case, I mean yes they spoke a small piece about it but that was all. Then they did a piece on their charity, and even brought the cutest little girl up from the crowd to sing on stage with them. It made every ones heart meld!

as they came out....

I loved this, it looked so cool.

the crazy people who sat on the lawn....there were tons

Erin and I always love the concert, but love to people watch too. We got there about 8 in time for some good people watching prior to Rascal! You know Rascal always brings out a different crowd. You have your teenagers, mother daughter groups, couples, then some normal folk too. We were siting by and interesting group....or should I say father daughter. The father was very much into the concert just as the daughter was....and even into sharing his alcoholic beverages to his very under aged daughter! In front of us was this girl with a very nice tattoo....well I am sure she thought so! The crowds are always so entertaining to us. I think even more entertaining were the three random "cowboys" about our age after the show randomly wondering the parking lot. At first Erin and I thought they had just lost their car. Then after watching longer (while being stuck in traffic) we realized it was their MO to hit on girls. You know the whole act like your looking for your car, and stumble upon cute chicks to seek out help. It was pretty funny! Erin and I never leave Rascal disappointed...and now I just can't wait for next years concert.

the crazy tatoo girl...

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wiggs said...

Dude! Rock on! Was a blast as always! Can't wait for next year!!!