Monday, June 08, 2009


Summer is the best! Finally I have made it to summer.....and man there were a few days I wondered if I would. The last week of school is so trying for all. The kids are so ready to be done, but yet you still have to teach them. It is a mess that is for sure! Plus we tend to do many fun things: like fun rewards day (a big party for those who act great all year and make good grades), awards day, and then Fun Friday (they get to bring board games the last day).

All these things seem to make kiddos go crazy! I can't imagine why? Well we have done it though, we made it to the end. Not only did we make it to the end, but we did it with great success! I am pretty proud to say that 16 out of 20 sweet kiddos are heading to 2nd great reading at or above 1st grade level. That is just wonderful, and makes me feel pretty good. I mean I would hate to know I didn't do all I could to prepare them for the next year, at this rate we are doing great!

Well our last day of school was a blast. The kiddos got to bring a board game or cards! We played Monopoly Jr, Don't Break the Ice, Frustration, Memory and many more. It is so wonderful to sit down and just chill with the kiddos. Plus I love having them "teach" me how to play their game. What a wonderful year, now lets move on to summer. I have many days of pool laying, chill'n, and sleeping in ahead of me!

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