Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I tend to feel as though I am a pretty patience person. I mean I have to have some to work with 6 and 7 year olds all day long. However, this year I have grown in a few areas on this....The first would be that I got shipped back to First Grade. This sent me to another new classroom and a new team at school. Although I had taught First Grade my first year of teaching (4 years ago)...it was with a different team and different curriculum.

The second area I have been working on....and believe me I am still every day, is with my actual JOB! What do I mean by this....well did you read my post What will happen next? (if not you may want to...it has more background info) I started early this year, knowing that last year I was VERY LUCKY to keep my position at Contreras, and put my resume out there ASAP. I knew that finding a new teaching job would not be easy, nor would actually having to leave my school. In no way do I want to leave my school, it is just a matter of our Dual Language program that I am being FORCED OUT!

Therefore, I knew that this year I really needed to be more serious about the job search. Last year I felt a pretty good vibe from the my principal at school. This year it was not the case, I honestly don't think she knew who would go this year or how many teacher she could keep. Since February I have been filling out applications and such. Sadly in the DFW area most schools are on a "hiring freeze" or only needing SPANISH! Finally earlier last week I got a lead....thanks to our sweet Librarian worker.

Totally jazzed about this, and a bit bummed that I still didn't know about my position at Contreras....I made the call to set up the interview. However, this districts HR people leave at 4...needless to say we played phone tag for a couple of days. (It is funny how things will work out....) Here is where again my patience was being tested!

Finally I got some ANSWERS!!! Answers to all the things I have been literally waiting on since February. On Friday, our principal was able to give me the news about my life at Contreras! You would think after 4 years of teaching I would be use to this "News". Every year that I have been at Contreras I have not truly known my fate for the following year...I blamed that on being one of the last hired on (but I think this has to end, RIGHT).

Here I go at 1:10....to find the fate of my job for next year. I have been preparing my self for the news for some time now. Thankfully my principal knew I was literally going crazy and called me in as soon as she could! This is how it went......(or from what I can remember, it is kind of a blur!)

Me: Hey, how's it going today?

Principal: Fine, I know you have been wondering about next year.

Me: Yes.... (in my head, holly crap if she tells me I am being surplused how
will I finish the day happy.)

Principal: Our school did really well this year on the TAKS.

(in my head.....okay and, and, and,)

Principal: I know we can do just as good next year, but would
like us to be Exemplary. In order for our school to be Exemplary we need
strong lower grade teachers.

(in my head....okay is this pumping me up or trying to let me down
easily? I am confused what, where is she going with this....)

Principal: After looking over all the data for First
Grade....I am not going to move you.

(in my head....what what what did she say, all I heard was move! WHAT!!!)

Me: So I am not moving?? You were able to work me into our numbers for
next year?

Principal: You have moved classrooms every year, and even grade
levels. This year I am letting you STAY in your room and First

(in my head: stay in my room, did she say stay in my room....STOP WAIT!)

Me: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am so thankful that you
were able to find a spot for me next year. And did I hear you
right? I get to stay in my room and grade level!!!

Principal: Yes, I thought you had moved enough.

Me: Did Miguel and Juan (our wonderful custodians) pay you to leave
me in my room, so they don't have to move all my stuff for the 5 year in a

(in my head....some one pinch me please this can not be real! What am I
hearing this right I get to HAVE a job and STAY in my room!!! No way)

Principal: (laughing) No...

Me: Thank you again, I don't think you understand how grateful I
am....Thank you

( I topped my happiness off with a huge HUG!!! I could
have just kissed her too, but that may have over stepped things.)

Principal: Now don't leave here too happy!

(in my head: holly cow...not be happy yeah right it will be hard to
keep a normal face til 3.)

You see when she decides to do this...it takes some time to get to all the teachers (we have like 44). We are suppose to not really chat about it till after school! Of course I had to tell just one person before then...okay maybe 2, but that was it! Then as I was leaving another teachers room (of course I told her...we had been worried together all year, she had to know!) I saw all the K teachers huddled up chatting. When I walked up they started telling me all the changes! I figured the cats out of the bag at this point.....Then I shared my great news, I get to stay at Contreras, but best of all I get to stay in my room!

YES!!! I do still have a job at the most AMAZING school ever. I know you may think it is silly I am so overjoyed with all of this. However, they are like my family and I couldn't leave them! Then being overjoyed with staying in my room....Okay you try moving your office every 4 years then we will talk. Finally my patience has payed off! Okay it was a little patience and a lot of PRAYERS! Thanks to all my wonderful friends who have kept me in your thoughts, you don't understand how much it means to me. Thanks


Tracy said...

When I saw the title "Answers" I got so nervous for you! Like, oh no, here it goes...

CONGRATS - I'm so glad it worked out and Miguel and Juan have one less room to move.

If it hadn't worked out you could always move here and be Cayla's teacher! :)

The Ham Family said...

YEA for you! It's not easy on the principal having to make all those type decisions at the end of the year either. Glad you can be patient.

Alexis said...

Congratulations!!!!! I know what it's like to LOVE where you teach!!