Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Picnics, Water Parks, and the Japanese Palace!!

Day 2 of 1/2 Birthday Palooza:
Little Bear and I got up and around....sadly she didn't get to really "pick" our 1st task of the day! Chris had a work picnic that we needed to go to...but since it was a picnic and at a park she was very okay with it all. It was a very lovely picnic just down the street from the house. Winston even got to attend with us. We had a great time with everyone from AXA!

Winston and Little Bear right before we took off.

Chris and Little Bear enjoying the fun...

After our picnic we took off to the "baby water park." Thankfully our good friends got to join us for all the fun in the sun! Kat, Polly, and Burton's twin girls.... The baby water park is a smaller version of big water parks in Hurst. We love it, it is really just our size, since it caters more to toddler thru 12 year olds group. There are 4 slides there; 3 smaller ones and 1 big one. In the past Little Bear has been more into just watching than sliding. NOT ON OUR 1/2 BIRTHDAY! She was a crazy woman on the slide. I was so proud of her, and thanks to all our friends that helped her go down. Chris and Bobby even showed up to enjoy some of the fun with the girls. Everyone had a blast at the park and we even shut the place down.

Kat and Little Bear

going down the slide!

Chris and Bobby living it up at the water park.

Burton and her sweet girls! Thanks for coming!!!

"Thank You Chris"....he bought all the girls some ice cream! Too Sweet

I love to hear Chris and Little Bear chat it up...they have some great talks!

Sorry, couldn't get it to turn right side up! This is as good as it gets!
Chris and I

Polly great job holding down the place!

Kat and Little Bear didn't want the night to end and Chris really wanted to eat Japanese food. Off he took us girls to the Japanese Palace. Man on man what a treat that was. Kat had not been to a Japanese place before, she had no idea about the cooking and "throwing" of food. Our cook was great. He kept playing around with the girls...they loved all of it! The manager was even nice enough to give the girls a "light up" ice cube for their drinks! Chris told them it was Little Bear's birthday...and man did she get super jazzed at what happened at the end. They brought her a cake, sang, gave her a shirt, and a Hello Kitty bracelet. This was the best 1/2 Birthday yet!

Little Bear's "light up" ice glows red!

ready to see them cook it up!

Our favorite part....the onion volcano!

Loving Chris' dinner pick!

Look at that face, have you ever seen a bigger smile! Happy 1/2 Birthday Little Bear!!

To top off our AMAZING day, Polly and Kat gave Little Bear a wonderful treat. They got her a cookie cake.(pictured at the top)..she was so over joyed with it all. Don't kid your self even thought it was 10 o'clock at night we had to eat some of that cake. They are too all shouldn't have, she loved it all! Thanks for celebrating Little Bear's 1/2 Birthday with us.

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