Tuesday, June 09, 2009

1/2 Birthday??

Loving life with Auntie!

This weekend I was very lucky, Little Bear and Abby came to town. Well you see Abby really didn't come to visit me....she came to see a friend and get her hair done! In the mean time she let Little Bear come and stay with me, while she visited her friend.

Oh did I mention that this was Little Bear's 1/2 Birthday! Some of you may think we have gone a little crazy but no, it is fun. Since Little Bear is a December baby she really never gets to have the "summer pool party" or such. Plus when Little Monkey came along and we were celebrating his month birthdays as you do with babies, she got a little concerned. Therefore the 1/2 Birthday came in to full affect!
1/2 Birthday with Auntie means: WHAT EVER YOU WANT!!!! Therefore we began our 1/2 birthday celebration with a trip to the park. We had a blast at the park, actually we even lost track of time! Sadly the sunset on us and we had to leave! Then we thought we would finish our celebration with a gourmet meal: OLD MCDONALD'S of course. However, we got there a little to late to play in the play area.....so we just ate dinner and headed home. It was a great start to our 1/2 Birthday Palooza.

What a cute little 5 1/2 year old.

look at this girl go....

I can't believe it acutally!

She is so funny!


Anonymous said...

Keep the posts coming!!!

Also, put me on your email list!


Kara said...

I have expressed that I feel sympathy for Little E's future husband! I can hear it now: "You're going to go play golf today?! But it is my 1/2 birthday!"