Saturday, June 27, 2009


We had turned the corner (in my car Abby, Brian, Chris and kiddos) when I noticed people in our drive way. OMG what now! There was a car full of people (about 6) and then a red truck with a man. I went ahead and pulled in....after all we rented this place!
Chris opened his door to get out and the man walked up...."Are you the Murdrock's?"

We all reply, "YES"....He then proceeds to explain to us how there seems to be a mix up! His people had sent up the WRONG conformation info and we were in the wrong house....I of course look at the man and declare we have to be at a dinner at 5. It was like 4:15 at this point, then ask if those people can't just use our place....He then proceeds to tell us that since we were not there he did go in to the house. He noticed that we are pretty much settled in. I declared yes an with little babies it is hard not to be settled in. Then he claims that he saw our conformation info and we were in the right place via what we were sent.

I again tell him I am sorry for the mix up and my Dad and mom are following us. He is welcome to talk to them but we have to get ready for dinner. We all unload the car and go into OUR house! (The people in the other car....well NOT SO HAPPY looking) At this point the rental man leads the family away from our house. I guess he just realized we were not going to offer up moving, so he needed to figure it out. Mom and dad arrive home to hear the whole MESS! We change close and laugh a lot about this. Then load up and head out.

Click here to see the house we SHOULD have been in: THE TWIN SISTERS
Click here to see the house we WERE in: The Zimmerman's
We arrived at the Y in time to mingle with the other Mudroch's then head down for our chuck wagon dinner. The dinner was was bar b q and hot dogs. We all sat together at a long picnic table with all the other Mudroch's around. After dinner we went back to the cabin. There we all celebrated George's (my dad's step dad....aka step grandpa) 90th birthday. We got to hear funny stories and see many OLD pictures. We had a great time. We also took MANY pictures....of our family, the grand kids, the great grand kids....blah blah blah you know how family reunions can be. Many of the families even wore matching shirts. We did too...Abby had made them they were so cute! The matching shirts helped you realize who went to which family member and how. When we arrived home there was a note on our door.

our family dinner

Chris, Little Bear and I

Chris and I

The whole gang....

Dad with his Brother Joe and wife Sally

Abby and I doing PARTY PIC's on Little Monkey

Party need to train them young for College life!

Sweet little guy running around with his balloon tied to him!

We all worried it was going to say "YOU HAVE TO MOVE". However, luckily it said things are good the other family will just move over once you leave on Monday. See....people can work things out even if there is a mistake. For the rest of the trip we enjoyed our VERY NICE house!!!

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