Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Little Bear, The Little Ballerina!

I am one of the luckiest Aunts ever....This past weekend I got to see Little Bear perform in her first ever dance recital. Little Bear is very funny about performing. Although I have taken her to and from dance, gymnastics, and more....she never wants you to watch! She has to give you permission to watch. If you recall during my "swine cation" I had to ask to watch her at gymnastics! I blame all of this on my sister! Why? Well she has passed her perfectionist ways down to my sweet Little Bear! Therefore, she doesn't want you to watch till it is just right. This weekend was that time!


I have had my flight to the big EC booked now for over a month for her BIG DAY! I was so excited she asked me to come down and watch her perform. They had a rehearsal on Friday night, which worked out pretty good since I came in around 8. Saturday was the Recital Night!!! I am not sure if Little Bear was more excited about dancing or wearing make-up. Abby and I got her ready, and man was she cute. The rule was that the girls would wear their 1st dance outfit (yes she was in 2 dances) to the recital, but put a large shirt over it so no one could see it! It was really funny seeing all the cute little face dolled up, but then covered in their dad's big shirts or robs!

So cute in their big shirts and robes.

Little Bear loving life

Thankfully Abby was able to find a sweet sitter for Little Monkey. We just didn't think he could make it through 47 dances! Little Bear was in dance number 7 and 33 (if I remember correctly). The whole recital was Disney Themed....so her first dance was Cinderella. Cinderella was a ballet. Her second dance was Dumbo...she work a precious elephant costume. This dance was a tap dance. I think she loved both outfits, but loved the tap dance the best. Brian's parents were also able to join in on the fun. They even made a special trip home just to watch!

Oh here she is....

Look at that form!

What a cute Dumbo!

Her favorite dance move.

I love it...she is so good.

Little Bear was amazing! She danced her little heart out. The teachers would stand to the side, behind the current, to help those who couldn't remember the moves. Many of the little heads looked to the side the entire time. NOT LITTLE BEAR...She smiled and looked at us the entire time. She really knew each step and move. I can't believe how amazing she did! I say this because both Abby nor I are dancers! She is one of the most graceful dancers I have ever seen for being only 5. The whole recital was great. You could tell that each child tried so hard, and looked just as cute as could be! The dance teacher really worked hard, and it showed. Little Bear thinks this dance thing is pretty cool. I think she may even go for the next recital, that makes me super jazzed. Great dancing Little Bear you were AMAZING! Auntie is very proud of the Little Ballerina you have become.
The whole gang...

What a cute pic

Me and Little Bear!


Abby said...

Thanks for coming Auntie. We could never have done it without you!!

Emilymud said...

I would have never missed it either! She did amazing.