Monday, June 08, 2009

I heart E. C. for many things...

Well my two of my favorite things about the Big EC! Swimming and Sno Cones!!!!!
We had such a great time at the country club is so nice and peaceful there. The country club pool is zero entry too, which is super for the Little Monkey! He can hang out in the little end playing on the side and Little Bear can swim around in the 3 foot land! On Saturday we all took off to the pool.

Abby and Brian really just wanted E and I to go, but we wanted it to be the whole family. After some convincing everyone was ready. Oh and after Little Monkey had a very nice nap. Off we went to swim and it was a blast

Ready to swim!

Go Little Monkey go.

what fun with the family.

sweet little swimmer

Hey Little Bear

Little Monkey and I swimming it up.
After swimming we got to do my most favorite thing ever. EAT SNO CONES!!! Man oh man how I love a super sno cone. The sadness is that in Fort Worth there is not a "good" sno cone place. Therefore leaving me to have to eat a MILLION sno cones when I come to EC. They are super, the ice is just shaved perfectly. The flavors are amazing....I know you are thinking flavors are flavors. No, in EC they offer up a "clear" flavor for all the red ones....this is wonderful because it saves many outfits from the sno cone stain! Also they have great cream, being a cream person I love that! Well any ways I love the wonderful sno cones!!!!

Look at these faces....can't you tell we LOVE them!

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Abby said...

sounds so good I might just have to venture out and get one!! Miss you!